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The Family Collection

'The Family Collection'

Region: Hunter Valley

This Collection is sold as a three bottle pack in a wooden collector's box.

    •    1x 2018 'The Kester Shiraz ' - The flagship of Keith Tulloch Wine, my own interpretation of the ultimate Hunter Shiraz
    •    1x 2017 'The Doctor Shiraz'  - A barrel selection made for my father, Dr. Harry Tulloch, named in his honour.
    •    1x 2018 'The Wife Shiraz'     - Created entirely in the style and taste which my wife, Amanda, loves.

Since 1998 I have made ‘The Kester’ Shiraz, our flagship release, in a style that very much expresses my own experience, methodology and taste. Decades of making Hunter Valley Shiraz, and learned methods from great French vignerons, has culminated in my signature wine from a single vineyard in Broke Fordwich.

‘The Doctor’ Shiraz is a wine that is dedicated to my father and mentor, Dr. Harold William Tulloch. It was a great privilege to taste through my finest Shiraz barrels from an outstanding harvest with Harry, and make a wine that truly captured his taste and his character. This wine isn’t just made in his image; it reminds me of him.

Experimental ferments of Shiraz have always been a part of our winemaking, particularly with high concentrations of co-fermented Viognier. Finding the right balance and technique to craft ‘The Wife’, a wonderfully aromatic Shiraz-Viognier with chocolate soft tannins, very much vindicated these trials. The result genuinely captures the feminine charm of my wife, Amanda. It’s her favourite red.

Single Dozen Club
$338.00 (AUD) $338.00 (AUD) $270.40 (AUD)
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The Field of Mars Collection

Field of Mars Collection

2 x Field of Mars Semillon Block 2A 2017

2 x Field of Mars Chardonnay Block 6 2017

2 x Field of Mars Shiraz Block 1 2017

This Collection is presented in a timber box with Tasting Notes.

Single Dozen Club
$425.00 (AUD) $425.00 (AUD) $356.00 (AUD)
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