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Spring - Mixed Dozen

2018 Spring Mixed Dozen

2x 2018 Hunter Valley Semillon
2x 2018 Hunter Valley Chardonnay
1x 2018 'Epogée' Roussanne/Marsanne/Viognier
1x 2018 PERDIEM 'Pario' Pinot Gris
1x 2018 PERDIEM 'Recolo' Rosé
2x 2017 Hunter Valley Shiraz-Viognier
1x 2016 'Forres Blend' Cabernet Blend
2x 2016 'The Kester' Shiraz

Single Dozen Club
$480.00 $432.00 $384.00
$/Bottle $/Bottle $/Bottle

Spring - Red Dozen

2018 Spring Red Dozen

4x 2017 Hunter Valley Shiraz-Viognier

1x 2016 Hunter Valley 'Vanguard' Shiraz

2x 2016 Hunter Valley 'Tawarri Vineyard' Shiraz

2x 2016 'Forres Blend' Cabernet/Cabernet Blend

3x 2016 Hunter Valley 'The Kester' Shiraz

Single Dozen Club
$604.00 $543.60 $483.20
$/Bottle $/Bottle $/Bottle

Spring - White dozen

2018 Spring White Dozen

3x 2018 Hunter Valley Semillon
3x 2018 Hunter Valley Chardonnay
3x 2018 PERDIEM 'Pario' Pinot Gris
2x 2018 'Epogée' Roussanne/Marsanne/Viognier
1x 2018 PERDIEM 'Sitio' Semillon

Single Dozen Club
$367.00 $330.30 $293.60
$/Bottle $/Bottle $/Bottle